Dr. Miles offers a 15 minute introductory visit free of charge to determine appropriateness of treatments offered.


Comprehensive initial visit                $120
Follow-up visits                                      60
Chelation                                               125
Hyperbaric Oxygen                              125
Live blood analysis                                60
IV Nutrition                                              40+
B12                                                           15
Colonic                                                    80
Acupuncture                                           80
       Chiropractic initial visit                         85
       Chiropractic established                       40
       BioMeridian initial consult                    59
       Ozone Sauna                                          40

Discounted series packages are available.


Payment is due at time of service.

Insurance companies have the prerogative to cover services.  It is best to not count on their coverage.  We will curtesy bill for reimbursement.

Phone consults are available without charge up to 5 minutes, after which standard Follow-up fees will be assessed in 15 minute intervals.