Mary Short

Mary has been practicing BioMeridian Technique, or electro-acupuncture, for more than ten years.  She has developed phenomenal insights into the body’s response to imbalance and disease.

The BioMeridian tool aids her insightful sensitivity to nutritional needs.  It detects minute changes in electromagnetic impulses through this “galvanic skin response testing” that reflect dysfunction in organs as they are connected through meridians of the body.  This diagnostic information is invaluable for developing effective programs for a well balanced existence.

“In a world where there is so much health information that is so generalized and never speaks to a person’s unique biochemistry…that’s what I do…address the uniqueness of each individual as detected through biomeridian testing and with whole foods and whole food concentrates.  Since I was 16 y.o. and received my drivers license I had my first experiences with fast-food…it made me SO sick!!!  Since then nutrition has been my passion.  It is powerful!”

Mary offers health coaching for weight control.  Through BioMeridian testing She can find the systems of the body that need nutritional support.  She firmly believes that the body won’t let go of the weight unless it is “healthy and happy.”

Mary also incorporates information from standard blood tests and specialized mineral hair analysis.

You will find Mary to be caring, insightful, straight forward and sensitive to your needs.  It is extremely important to get varying perspectives when dealing with ill health.